How do you work with Threshold Builders to build a predesigned Passive House? Our process is intended to streamline and simplify the traditional design / preconstruction process and give you a clear sense of your path towards a completed project:



Much of the pre-construction process will be about fitting your chosen house model to your specific property and assessing site work needed to develop your land. So while you do not need to already own the land you intend to build on in order to have an initial meeting with us, it will be necessary to purchase the land in order to progress with our pre-construction work together.


Initial Consultation

By meeting together with Threshold Builders at our office in Kingston, NY, you will be able to

  • Choose a predesigned model that best meets your needs
  • Make finish selections
  • Review possible upgrades

Coming out of this consultation, you should have a clear sense of what your construction costs will be for the home you are looking to build.


Site Visit

The next step is visit the build site with Threshold Builders. The objective is to assess the property in order to scope the needed preconstruction services and to gather the information to provide preliminary site work estimates. Following this visit, Threshold Builders will be able to give preliminary pricing for site work which, along with your house construction costs, will give a good sense of the scope of your financial undertaking for the total project. We will also provide a contract for pre-construction services based on your land, and what planning work has been previously completed.


Pre-Construction Services

Your pre-construction services contract will outline all the work need to bring get the project ready for permits and construction. This includes adjusting the construction documents to your local municipality's code, doing passive house energy modeling on your house to take into account the specifics of your location, such as shading and solar orientation, preparing a site plan based on an existing survey, and finalizing and pricing any selections, upgrades, or modifications. PHIUS + Passive house certification is included in the price of every home model.

Often, there will be additional engineering or planning services that will be outlined in your agreement that meet the needs of the specific site. These include, among others:

  • Septic Engineering
  • Surveys
  • Planning Board approvals
  • Planning for significant site regrading

Basic pre-construction services are included in the price of the model, and are initiated with a $7000 deposit. Any additional required services that will be clearly noted and priced in your pre-construction agreement. Land must be owned in order to proceed with this work.


Final Scoping and Pricing

With the completion of Construction Documents tailored to your site and selections, you are ready to have Threshold Builders prepare comprehensive pricing for both your site work and home construction costs.


Construction Contract and Scheduling

With your final pricing and construction documents ready, you are able to sign a construction contract and put a deposit down for construction costs. Threshold Builders is then able to order your window package, schedule your build, and pull permits for your project.


The Build

This is the fun part - where your new super energy efficient home gets built and handed over to you.


Ready to discuss your project?